CoConUT Framework

… supporting short-term mobile field studies since 2016

The CoConUT app for Android: Side menu and list of studies The CoConUT app for Android: Visualization of measured sensor values The CoCoQuest app for Android: List of available studies to attend The CoCoQuest app for Android: Starting page of a study The CoCoQuest app for Android: Capturing images in the field during a study The CoCoHat: Sample picture of the front camera The CoCoHat: Sample image of the interaction camera [Read More]


Diversity Portal for Qualified Employees

Profile of a skilled employee on the Divtec portal List of SME profiles from the Berlin sector on the Divtec portal Description The IFAF project “DIVTEC” aimed at realizing a web2.0 platform with focus on Diversity Management for Berlin based SMEs. By demonstrating the significance and potentials of Diversity strategies, SMEs were assisisted in recruiting skilled employees in the MINT sector using web technologies. The overall aim was to address skills shortage in the MINT sector. [Read More]


eLearning Platform for Doctors in Training

Case Study in Kolegea Frontpage of the Kolegea Platform Knowledge Browser in Kolegea Mockup of the Kolegea website. Description The BMBF project „KOLEGEA“ focused on creating a training platform for doctors-in-training to become general practitioners. This included the development, realization and evaluation of an advanced training concept for cooperative learning in professional social communities on said platform. The project was a joined collaboration of the Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance together with the Charité Berlin, theCode AG and the University of Duisburg-Essen. [Read More]

MediMatrix Browser

Visualization of a Knowledge Base of Patient Cases in the GP Domain

MediMatrix full view First mockup in Excel Information on demand Related cases Description The MediMatrix Browser visualizes patient cases from general practicioners. The matrix visualization facilitates to recognize connections between medical topics and the patient cases. According to the “details on demand” pattern the majority of information appears only on demand to keep the visualization slim. Additionally with a single click, the user is able to see related cases to a case that’s unclear or interesting to them. [Read More]